Post Event Solutions

Post event campaigns are essential as much as Pre-Event Activities and During-Event Activities. We at Lead Retrieval Solutions are specialized in supplying contact name, email, phone, mailing, industry and more to your attendee database.

Bring your most qualified audience back for an easy finish to their partial visit. An email sent the following day to prospects who started but did not complete the visit at your booth. Let your loyal attendees know how important they are with products and promotions designed to make their event experience personalized and streamlined. Promotions, targeted messaging and simple courtesies like prefilled forms all add up to long-term customer loyalty. Strengthen your connections and create year-round engagement. Most people don’t arrive at a buying decision after a single view of your brand at the event. Ongoing and compelling reasons to engage make the difference. Execute nurture campaign strategies, invite them to your upcoming events, keep them involved and engaged with your promotional campaigns that are not even related to the events.

  • 78% of B2B companies agree on the fact that Post Event Campaigns are highly effective at opening new doors of sales opportunities.
  • 82% of event professionals say that their attendees want greater interaction with exhibitors post events through email, phone & social media.
  • 46% of attendees look up future event after they’ve attended a live event.